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Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. -Anthony J.D'Angelo

About Us

Learn Quick Academy offers the best training by professionals on software development in functional areas like Cloud Computing, Software Testing, Software Development, Web Designing, Windows & Linux Administrator and Puppet Scripts in a shorter period of time with a outcomes of tremendous difference.

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Why Choose Us?

 Training for each course is given by professional trainers.
 Basic level of training is also given for all the students to be strong from basement.
 We would be limiting the students on each courses during training tenure, which gives an one to one interaction with our trainers and this will help students to get their clarifications on spot.
 Gives a vast confidence to move on to your next level in your carrier.
 Helps you to shine as an unique in your organisation with a good knowledge on your domain.
 We are offering a course demo for minimal cost before we initiating the training.
 Training material would be provided on course completion.

What We Offer

Learn Quick Academy offers a wide range of training programs designed to take your career to the next level!. In today economy, the more you know the more valuable you are. If you are employed, you can increase your job security by achieving professional knowledge. If you are unemployed, there is no better time to invest in yourself by updating your technical computer skills. We offers the most comprehensive library of in-depth Ionic courses and a community so you can easily learn one of the best frameworks to build apps across all major platforms. Learn Quick Academy provides a training on flexible timings and also, we would be completing the courses based on students requirement. A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, Learn Quick Academy would be glad to assist you on your first step towards success in your carrier.


We offer a wide range of trending courses and have listed out the topics which will be covered in each course during the training session.

Amazon Web Services

Linux commands  Installation and Initialization  Boot and Package Management  User Administration  Service Protocols  Cloud Computing  Virtualization  AWS Overview  Elastic Compute Cloud  Virtual Private Cloud  Elastic Load Balancing  Elastic Block Store  Auto Scaling  Elastic BeanStalk  Lambda  Simple Storage Service  Route 53  Relational Database Service  Cloud Front  Security Management  ElastiCache  DynamoDB  Simple Queue Service  Simple Notification Service  Management Tools  Simple Email Service  Identity and Access Management  Architecture Design  Troubleshooting  Pricing

Microsoft Azure

Linux commands  Installation and Initialization  Boot and Package Management  User Administration  Azure Management Portal  Virtual Machines  SQL Database  MySQL Databases  Storage Accounts VPN Gateway  Express Route Gateway  Web Apps  Virtual Machine ScaleSets  Content Delivery Network (CDN)  Azure Load Balancer  Traffic Manager  Application Gateway  Powershell  ARM Templates  Command Line Interface (CLI)  Azure DNS

Java & J2EE

Data types and operators  Control statements  Classes and objects  Constructors and methods  Interfaces and packages  Method overloading and overriding  Inheritance  Exception handling  Generics  Annotations  Enumerations  Enhanced for loop  Varargs  Multithreading  I/O classes  Networking  Collections  Applets  AWT and layout managers  Swing  Concurrent API  J2EE Introduction  Servlets overview  Servlet lifecycle  Types of Servlets  Types of Cookies  Servlet to Database connectivity  Lifecycle of JSP  Introduction to JSP  Types of JSP tags  Custom tags


Introduction to HTML  Creating an HTML document  Paragraph formatting  Character formatting  Procedural and Descriptive formatting  Local and Remote links  Internal links with named Anchor tag  Linking and Embedding graphics  Lists and Nested Lists  Creating and Modifying Tables  Creating Advanced Table Elements  Background and Text Colors  Web Page Design  Links to Non-Web Internet Services  Overview of HTML5  Doctype  Charset  New structures / tags  Inline elements  Support for dynamic pages  Form types and Deprecated code  Current browser / platform support  Importance of the DOM  HTML5 tags  HTML5 elements  Embed rich content with multimedia elements

Cascading Style Sheet

Inline styles  Embedded styles  External or Linked styles  Inheritance  Conflicting styles  Specificity  Font families  Font size  Kerning, Leading, and Indenting  Color attribute  Background attribute  Background Colors and Images  Defining CSS Class attribute  Defining CSS ID attribute  HTML Span and Div tags  Creating Block-Level HTML tags  Creating Inline HTML tags  Relative and Absolute positioning  Formatting Block-Level Box Model  Element Visibility Controls  Versions Of DOM  Detecting DOM Version With Java Script  Java Script and The DOM

Manual Testing

Introduction to testing  Verification vs validation  Types of Applications  Probabilities of getting an error in an application  SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle  Waterfall  Prototype  Spiral  Incremental(Agile methodology and Scrum Framework)  V-Model  Advantages and Disadvantages of each software development life cycle  Principles of Testing  STLC - Software Testing Life Cycle  Difference between Test case  Use case and Scenario  How to prepare test plan and strategy  How to Prepare test case template  Difference between Error, bug, defect and failure  Test Case Design Technique  Boundary value Analysis  Equivalence Partitioning  Decision Table  State Transition Diagram  Use Case Testing  Bug Life cycle  How to Prepare Bug template  Bug Tracking tool  Types of Testing  Difference between static and Dynamic testing  Difference between Functional and Non-functional testing  Black box testing and its types  White box testing and its types  System Integration Testing vs User Acceptance Testing  Entry Criteria and Exit Criteria  Test Environment and Test data preparation  Flow graph notations  Statement coverage  Branch Coverage  Path coverage  Cyclometric Complexity  Integration testing  Big Bang Integration  Incremental Approach - Top Down, Bottom up and Hybrid   Requirement traceability matrix.


What is Automation testing  Drawbacks of Manual Testing  Advantage and disadvantage of Automation testing  What test cases can be automated  SDLC - What test cases cannot be automated  Things to be done before automation testing  Types of Automation Tools  Introduction to Selenium IDE  Installing Selenium IDE  Selenium IDE icons  Create and Execute Basic Scripts of Recording Tests  Running a Test  Selenium Concepts  Element Locators  Selenium Commands Actions  Asserts  Accessors  Pattern Matches  Element Locators  Locating elements by ID  Locating elements by name  Locating elements by link text  Locating elements by XPath  Locating Elements by using CSS  Useful Selenium Tools  Firebug for Firefox & Chrome  Firepath for xpath generation  IE developer tool bar  TestSuite  What is Test suite  Creating Test Suite Using Selenium IDE  Selenium IDE Overview  Selenium IDE General Options  Selenium Menu Items  Format. 


What is Puppet  Puppet Essentials  What puppet does to systems and when  How to perform a manual run and add varying levels of output --noop, --test, --verbose, --debug  Registering nodes  What is vagrant  Requirements for using vagrant  software and packages  Creating your own Virtual Machine with Vagrant  Getting a basic VM up and running  Checking for existing VMs  Vagrant layout  Commands to control and use your VM  What is a manifest  What is a module  Structure and layout  Syntax of a manifest and module  Class definitions  Node definitions  A simple manifest  A simple module  What are attributes and types  Where to find out more about types and attributes and understand the puppet labs documentation  Work with types such as File, Package, Exec, Service, Notify, User  Example of creating a recursive directory  Add multiple users  Start multiple services  What is a definition  Using definitions to create multiple types with varying values  What is hiera  How does Puppet know to use hiera data  Structure of hiera data and the different storage types  Scalar, array and hashes  What is Facter  Using facter variables in Puppet  Creating and deploying your own facter variables  How to copy files verbatim to your host  Files with varying values (templates)  Using hiera with your templates.

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